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Complete Wash+Dry in < 2-hours: The WashCombo™ runs a complete wash and dry cycle in under 2 hours, without having to transfer clothes.*

Mega Capacity: With 5.0 cubic feet of capacity, the WashCombo™ is the largest in its class, able to accommodate a king size comforter.

The world’s first (and only) Inverter Direct Drive™ motor in an All-in-One: LG’s Direct Drive motor is already known for its reliability, LoDecibel™ operation, and smarter, superior performance. Now LG brings its smart Direct Drive motor to dry clothes with the same care as it does washing them.

*Based on independent testing in Wash+Dry cycle with Dryer on Energy Saver mode, 10 lb. load (October 2023) 

120V Outlet: The WM6998 is designed to operate using a standard 120-volt electrical plug making installation convenient. With LG's Inverter HeatPump™ technology, you'll use up to 60% less energy with every load.**

Ventless: The WM6998 utilizes LG's Inverter HeatPump™ technology which means it doesn't need external venting and be installed practically anywhere.

**Up to 60% less energy compared to similarly-sized vented LG dryers. The industry's most energy efficient combo based on (November 2023). 

Customize your wash—or let AI Wash do it for you. Laundry day is just that easy with LG’s built-in intelligence and intuitive LCD dial. Streamlined controls give you more of what you need with each turn of the dial, from descriptions of each setting and helpful prompts to status updates and remaining cycle time. Easily access more than 20 cycles and quickly modify any cycle using the touch panel or the ThinQ App for total laundry control. 

Advanced Washing+Drying: Built-in fabric sensors powered with AI select optimal wash motions and settings, so you’re never left guessing. 

TurboWash™360° powers through larger loads in less time, thanks to five jets with variable sprays that deliver a complete clean in under 30 minutes. 

LG Inverter Direct Drive™ motor is quiet, powerful, reliable, and smart, allowing for 6motion™ Technology moving the drum in various motions, not just back and forth, to ensure the right wash motions to care for every load.

And, for the first time, LG has 6motion™ Dryer Technology to care for your drying clothes:

With ezDispense® Automatic Dispenser, just fill the reservoirs once and you’re set for up to 31 wash cycles (based on usage and settings) with versatility of using detergent and/or softener. Not only is it quick and easy, but it helps make laundry foolproof, adding just the right amount for each load size—at just the right time. You can even get an alert on your smartphone when it’s time to refill, so you never miss a beat!

Conveniently located right on top of the WashCombo™ All-in-One, the ezLintFilter design allows you to easily remove lint after every load without having to use your hands. Simply push out the filter from its compartment and the lint can automatically be disposed into a wastebasket without manual removal.  

Pedestal Compatible***

Sidekick® tackles small, custom-care loads and lets you run two cycles at the same time.

A Storage Drawer gives you the extra space you need while rasiing your WashCombo to the perfect height.

Our ADA compliant 5" Riser lifts WashCombo for a more convenient height and easier access.

***All laundry pedestals sold separately 

WashCombo All-in-One FAQs

How do I clean the Compressor?

Ventless Laundry using LG's Inverter HeatPump Technology has an Auto Cleaning Condenser. If you ensure you keep the ezLint Filter™ clean, then this Auto Cleaning Condenser technology should mean no cleaning hassles and more consistent drying over time.

How much space do you need to accommodate the WashCombo™ All-in-One?

Dimensions are W 27" x H 39" x D 33 1/8" and we recommend 1" on the sides, around 4" on the back for water/power connections, and 12 1/4" on the top to easily get the ezLint Filter™ out. Be sure you have space in front to open the door, too!

Is there a way to keep track of number of cycles to ensure the filters are cleaned properly?

Yes! The ThinQ® app will show number of cycles ran as well as sending notifications when it's time to clean the inner filter.

Where does the heat blow?

The WashCombo™ All-in-One uses a ventless drying system, this means heat is recirculated inside the unit and the moisture and hot air leave through the drain.

Is there an option to dry only?

Yes, there is are several DRY ONLY cycles. Check out the Cycle Guide.

How loud isthe WashCombo™ All-in-One?

The WashCombo™ All-in-One is quite quiet at just over 50dB in our tests at the loudest point in the cycle (whisper quiet most of the time!).

Can the WashCombo™ All-in-One be connected to a sink faucet?

Since WashCombo™  is not designed to be connected to a tap out of the box and requires a dedicated water supply and drainage system for proper operation, you will need to get parts from your local home supply to add a "Y" your sink. 

Can you set up two side-by-side and run them at the same time?

The WashCombo™ can be paired with an LG SideKick™ offering 1 additional cubic foot of washing capacity, this is your best solution. But, if you want two WashCombos: check with local municipality to see if you are allowed to run two washing units on the same circuit and ensure your circuit can handle at least 13A

Is the WashCombo™ All-in-One gas or electric?

It runs on a standard 120V electric outlet.

Can I use the combo if I only have cold water?

Yes! Just keep in mind that cycles may take a little longer if you don't have a hot water feed.

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Need WashCombo Product Support?

Experts are available 10-7 Eastern Mo-Sat to help you get answers via phone, IM, or chat. Whatever works best for you. 

Outside of these hours, please contact LG Consumer Support at 1-800-243-0000.

For More Information on the WashCombo All-In-One Visit ReachLG

WashCombo Glossary

6Motion™ Technology 

6Motion™ Technology is a feature available in LG washers nd dryers that provides a unique combination of different wash  and dry motions to ensure a thorough and gentle cleaning of your clothes. Here's how it works:

1. Tumbling: The drum rotates back and forth, simulating the motion of handwashing. This helps to remove tough stains and dirt from your clothes.

2. Rolling: The drum rolls in one direction, creating a gentle rolling motion. This is ideal for delicate fabrics and helps to prevent tangling and wrinkling.

3. Scrubbing: The drum moves in a scrubbing motion, similar to handwashing. This helps to remove stubborn stains and dirt from your clothes.

4. Swing: The drum swings from side to side, creating a pendulum-like motion. This helps to thoroughly rinse your clothes and remove any remaining detergent.

5. Filtration: The drum rotates at a high speed, creating a powerful filtration effect. This helps to remove dirt and debris from your clothes, ensuring a cleaner wash.

6. Stepping: The drum moves up and down, creating a stepping motion. This helps to lift and agitate your clothes, ensuring a thorough and even wash.

By combining these different wash and drying motions, 6Motion™ Technology provides a customized and effective wash for different types of fabrics and stains. It ensures that your clothes are cleaned thoroughly while being treated gently, resulting in cleaner and fresher laundry. 

AI DD 2.0

Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive 2.0. This technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and analyze the weight and fabric type of the laundry load. It then automatically adjusts the washing and drying motions and drum movements to provide the best washing and/or drying performance while taking care of your clothes. AI DD 2.0 helps to reduce fabric damage and ensure a thorough and gentle wash or dry. It is designed to provide optimal laundry results and improve energy efficiency.

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Allergiene™ Cycle  

The Allergiene™ Cycle is a powerful high-temperature wash cycle designed specifically to reduce common household allergens in bedding and clothing, such as dust mites and pet dander. It is available in LG front load washers. Here's how you can use the Allergiene™ Cycle:

1. Press the power button on your LG front load washer.

2. Turn the cycle selector knob to "Allergy" to select the Allergiene™ Cycle.

3. Adjust the spin speed as needed by pressing the spin button until the desired speed is highlighted.

4. Press the start button to begin the wash cycle.

Please note that the Allergiene™ Cycle is not recommended for wool, silk, leather, or any other delicate or temperature-sensitive items. It is best suited for washing clothes that accumulate dust, such as pillowcases and bed sheets, or items that require special care, like baby clothes and undergarments. The cycle incorporates steam into the wash cycle to provide a thorough cleaning.  


ezDispense™ is a feature available in some LG washing machines. It is designed to make the process of adding detergent to your laundry load more convenient and efficient. Here's how it works:

1. Pre-Load Detergent: With ezDispense™, you can pre-load your detergent into the dispenser drawer of the washing machine. This eliminates the need to add detergent for each individual load.

2. Auto Dispense: Once the detergent is pre-loaded, the washing machine will automatically dispense the appropriate amount of detergent for each cycle based on the load size and fabric type. This ensures that the right amount of detergent is used for optimal cleaning performance.

3. Multiple Cycles: ezDispense™ is compatible with various wash cycles, including normal, heavy-duty, and delicate cycles. The washing machine will adjust the detergent dosage accordingly for each cycle.

4. Efficiency and Convenience: By automatically dispensing the detergent, ezDispense™ helps to eliminate wastage and ensures that your clothes are properly cleaned. It also saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to measure and add detergent for each load.

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Inverter Direct Drive™

The Inverter Direct Drive™ is a technology used in LG washing machines. It is a motor system that directly connects the motor to the drum without the use of belts or pulleys. Here's what you need to know about it:

1. Quiet and Efficient: The Inverter Direct Drive™ motor operates with minimal noise and vibration, providing a quiet and smooth washing experience. It also helps to reduce energy consumption, making the washing machine more energy-efficient.

2. Increased Durability: By eliminating belts and pulleys, the Inverter Direct Drive™ motor system reduces the number of moving parts, resulting in increased durability and less wear and tear. This means that the motor is less likely to break down or require maintenance.

3. Precise Control: The motor's direct connection to the drum allows for precise control over the washing process. It enables the washing machine to adjust the drum's speed and movement according to the specific wash cycle and fabric type, ensuring optimal washing performance.

4. Enhanced Washing Performance: The Inverter Direct Drive™ motor system provides powerful and consistent washing performance. It delivers a variety of washing motions, such as tumbling, rolling, and scrubbing, to thoroughly clean your clothes while being gentle on fabrics.

5. Warranty: LG offers a warranty of 20 years on the Inverter Direct Drive™ motor, providing peace of mind and assurance of its quality and reliability. 

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LCD Digital Dial 

The LCD Digital Dial is a feature available in some LG washers that provides a user-friendly interface for selecting and customizing wash cycles. Here's how it works:

1. The LCD Digital Dial is located on the control panel of the washer. It consists of a digital display screen and a dial that can be rotated to navigate through different options.

2. To use the LCD Digital Dial, simply turn the dial to scroll through the available wash cycles. The digital display screen will show the name of each cycle as you rotate the dial.

3. Once you have selected a wash cycle, you can further customize the settings using the touch buttons or additional options displayed on the screen. For example, you can adjust the temperature, spin speed, soil level, and add extra functions like steam or extra rinse.

4. The LCD Digital Dial also allows you to set a delay start for your wash cycle. This means you can program the washer to start at a later time, which can be convenient if you want to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates or have the laundry ready at a specific time.

5. Once you have made all the desired selections, simply press the start button to begin the wash cycle.

The LCD Digital Dial provides a modern and intuitive way to control and customize your washing machine settings, making it easier to achieve the desired wash results. 

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There are some ThinQ possibilities connected to the washing and drying process:

1. LG ThinQ App: With the LG ThinQ app, you can remotely control and monitor your washer and dryer from your smartphone. Some of the features include:

- Start, stop, and pause your laundry cycles.

- Select and customize different wash and dry cycles.

- Receive notifications when your laundry is done.

- Monitor energy usage and the number of cycles used each month.

2. Smart Pairing: The Smart Pairing feature allows your washer to communicate with your dryer and select a compatible drying cycle. You can easily select the recommended drying cycle right from the ThinQ app, making it a convenient laundry hack.

3. Expert Advice: The ThinQ Care section in the LG ThinQ app provides expert advice on pairing washer and dryer cycles. It offers guidance on selecting the right cycles for different types of laundry, such as juice and food stain cycle, kids' clothes cycle, swimwear cycle, and more. This ensures that your clothes are cleaned and dried effectively based on their specific needs.

4. Energy Monitoring: The LG ThinQ app also includes an energy monitoring feature, allowing you to check your energy usage and the number of cycles used each month. This helps you stay informed about your energy consumption and make more energy-conscious choices.

By utilizing these ThinQ possibilities, you can have greater control and convenience in managing your laundry, ensuring optimal cleaning and drying results.

Make any space your laundry room 

Set up a stylish laundry station anywhere you have a water line.

The Virtual Intuitive LG Digital Dial

The intuitive digital dial control gives you more information with each turn. From descriptions of each setting, helpful prompts, status updates and remaining cycle time. 

Streamlined controls feature an LED Touch Button Panel that’s as easy on the eyes as it is to use. 

Click the dial or navigate to to learn how it works and as a tool to help show your customers how it works.

Coming Q2 2024

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Auto Cleaning Condenser 

The Auto Cleaning Condenser is a feature available WashCombo All-In-One. It is designed to automatically clean the condenser, which is responsible for removing moisture from the air during the drying process. Here's how it works:

1. The Auto Cleaning Condenser feature uses a self-cleaning system that removes lint and debris from the condenser without the need for manual cleaning.

2. During each drying cycle, the dryer will automatically detect if the condenser needs cleaning based on the amount of lint accumulated.

3. If the condenser needs cleaning, the dryer will initiate the cleaning process by using hot water to flush out the lint and debris.

4. The water used for cleaning is collected in a reservoir located at the bottom of the dryer. You will need to empty this reservoir after each cleaning cycle.

5. The Auto Cleaning Condenser feature helps to maintain the dryer's performance and efficiency by preventing lint buildup, which can restrict airflow and reduce drying effectiveness.